Family & Friends

Over the course of fourty years in Haiti, we have grown and expanded our in work in various ways. We now employ over 70 "madams" who care for the children on a daily basis, working as nannies, nurses, cooks, and much more. The children greatly benefit from the personal help and attention they receive from mentors who often understand them from a more immediate and natural standpoint than a foreigner could.

These men and women provide the daily care that the children need, and in turn receive wages, food for their families, and any additional financial and medical help they might need.

There is also an ever-expanding group of young Haitian men and women who have been with us since childhood, who are an invaluable help in serving the children's needs. These young brothers and sisters are some of the chief participants in our work in Haiti. They help organize the children using a group system so that each of them is responsible for a group of younger ones, and this way each child gets the attention and help that they need. They help in arranging everything, from Bible studies, to food distributions, to English lessons....

God sent Jesus down out of His LOVE, MERCY and GRACE.
To raise us up through FAITH, HOPE and LOVE.
(A Simple Explanation of the Gospel)
The left side of the U represents the way God is toward us. The first LOVE on the left represents God's love for us which is His reason why He gave Jesus in the first place to die for us. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son..." (Jn 3:16).