Donation Program

Of course, our work in Haiti would not be possible without the large amounts of food and supplies that we receive from donors. Several times a year we send a 40-ft. container full of donated food, clothing, medical supplies, and more to our warehouse in Haiti. These supplies run out fast, and your help would be greatly appreciated!

If you are interested in contributing to this work...Just give us your old (or new) excess stuff!

We are always in need of food, clothing, shoes, medical, school, and household supplies. If you have any goods or merchandise that are in any way excess, slightly damaged or distressed (but decent condition), or otherwise un-sellable, we will take it off of your hands, and you will reap the double benefit of directly aiding needy children as well as being eligible for a tax write-off. If you have something that is taking up valuable space in your warehouse, don’t throw it out! Email or call us today – we gladly arrange pick up and transportation.

The Church of Bible Understanding is a reputable non-profit charitable organization recognized by the IRS with the 501(c) 3 Letter of Determination, which qualifies us as safe and legitimate to donate to.

If you are not able to contribute goods, perhaps you have the opportunity to help by donating your services to this work. If you are in the medical profession and would like to offer service either in Haiti directly, or in the U.S. (or if there is another way you think you could be of service to us), contact us to find out more.

Where do all these donations go? These photos begin to tell the story…

The dynamic, intense and very thankful faces of the recipients of FMSC food.

A few of our many donors..


Gleanings for the Hungry

Feed My Starving Children


Here's another way you might be able to help....

We have two trusty Piper Aztec airplanes, used for transporting missionaries to and from Haiti. They are always in need of maintenance - if you are an airplane mechanic or a parts supplier, please consider donating your services or products to our cause! Or, if you have any other ideas of how you may be able to help in this area, we would be glad to hear from you! Click here for more info or contact Gina at: